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We are an international all female paintball team called Drakaina. We are representing 3 European countries: UK, Norway and Ukraine. For the second year in a row we are the european series champions in the womens pro division, and for the first time ever the team are going over to the US to compete at World Cup. Paintball is an important part of our lives, and all the players are highly motivated and dedicated players who gives back to the paintball community in different ways: As Paintball photographs, holding paintball schools, running fields and teams, and helping running tournaments.

A little about us and WNXL:
The team was formed in 2022 for the first Womens pro division that was held in Europe by NXL. We are one out of two original teams in this division. WNXL is a division created for women, to spotlight them within the sport and grow the number of female athletes. The most important mission for WNXL is to create role models for potentially new players, and to help them find out how they can start playing. One of our goals that we continually work on is to push each other to be the best player and version of us that we can be. All of our team players are also representing their respective national teams.

Some of our 2023 placements:
- 4. Place CPPS rd 1 (4 out of 10)
- 2. Place WNXL rd 1 (2 out of 3)
- 5. Place NPL rd 2 (5 out of 14)
- 1. Place WNXL rd 2 (1 out of 4)
- 1. Place WNXL rd 3 (1 out of 5).

Going over to the US costs a lot, and we are dependent of having pit crew and coach with us as well. Those people are our crucial support system who we can't make it without. In the US we will compete against the worlds best female paintball teams and we are looking forward to be challenged physically and mentally from them all! We hope you want to help us on our way to World Cup. Every donation is appreciated and help us towards our dream. Thank you!



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