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Soporte Katharina Engene Thanderz

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My name is Katharina Engene Thanderz. I’m A professional boxer from Norway, living in Spain. I have done 10 professional fights in my career so far, winning all of them. I’m the current European champion in my weight class (super featherweight), and also the WBC international champion in lightweight. At the moment, I’m number 6 in the world ranking in the World Boxing Council. My main goal is to become World champion, and meet the best boxers in the world. For this I need a complete dedication that involves several aspects. I train two or three times every single day, with professional trainers. I also get treatment with a physiotherapist twice a week. I need to take care of a correct nutrition and sleep. During my training camps, we have to pay for other professional sparring partners from abroad. The list is quite long for all the things needed to get the best preparation before a fight, and that’s the main reason for this fund. I decided to leave my last work as a real estate agent in June 2018, to be able to concentrate 100% with my biggest passion ever, which is boxing. I have been in the sport for 12 years.I appreciate all help, and will try to give back all what is in my hands.


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