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Help Me Fulfill My Dance Dreams

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Hello, I am Hannah Robertson and I am a 12 year old dancer. I currently live in DeKalb County, Georgia. My mom said she knew I would dance because that's all I did when I was in her belly. I started dancing for fun when I was 3. Three years ago a studio owner saw me dance and asked me to audition for her competition company. Although it was a major sacrifice financially, my mom agreed. Sadly, that woman made false promises and took our money and is nowhere to be found. Although she broke my spirit, I continued to dance. I was able to join another studio and had a great year. This year a competition judge spoke with me and told me that I am a phenomenal dancer even though I hadn't had the technical training as others. My mom and I made the decision to take a leap of faith and have me audition for the renowned Ballet Institute of Atlanta to get the formal training I need. I'm pleased to say, I was accepted! The unfortunate part is the tuition is expensive; more than what my mom and dad can afford. I am sincerely asking for your help to help me achieve my dream of dance.

To excel in dance I need to be constantly moving my limit. I am ready to work hard to reach my goal, but at the same time know the road will be costly. That's why I need your help, it will go to my tuition at Ballet Institute of Atlanta.
By helping me you are also supporting me in reaching a pivotal goal that many dancers strive for.
Thank you for your support.


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